I offer my services as a session musician, specializing in double bass and bass guitar, as well as a private tutor. With extensive experience and professionalism, I have worked with clients from all over the world. My versatility and dedication ensure exceptional results. Contact me to bring your musical project to life.


With a passion for teaching and years of experience, I offer personalized educational services to help you achieve your goals. I have conducted workshops at various international conservatories such as "True Music School - Mumbai" and for festivals such as Ibiza Jazz Point.

Studio Musician

I have extensive experience as a studio musician, both as a bassist and bassist. I have collaborated with clients from all over the world through the web, standing out for my versatility and professionalism. You can find my reviews below.

Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist

In addition to playing double bass and bass, I have extensive experience as a producer and multi-instrumentalist. In recent years I have produced my own albums, honing my skills through experimentation and self-study. My main instruments are electric bass and piano. I am ready to bring my versatility and creativity to your musical projects.